zondag, november 18, 2007

Sylvia Plath - Letters home

"Perhaps what I do miss here is the lack of my friends who have known me in my past. I can't explain fully how much it means to have people who have shared years of one's life and with whom you can assume a deep understanding and common experience...
While I am very happy here and have many too many invitations to accept even half, all my acquaintances are at the same ' historical stage' in knowing, and it takes only much time to achieve anything like the deep and vital friendships I left behind me at home. Everyone here is so 'new' and untriend. "

Sylvia Plath's letters home - November 14, 1955

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Robert Koopman zei

Als je de afleveringen van Boudewijn Büch op dvd wilt zien mail me dan maar via www.dwvbb.nl

Heerlijke TV is dat. Hoe hij erg lang over haar kon spreken terwijl hij bij het graf zat is historische televisie geworden.